Episode 49 is another “In Theaters Now” edition, and this one has been making the rounds hopefully at a theater near you. Bob Sham introduces newest Documenteer / side-piece, A2 AKA Eldridge Alan Arnoutovich. He’s actually been with us for a while because he made the beats for the Documenteers theme. We will be revealing one numeral from his social security number for each of his episodes. The first number is 3. We went to the theater and saw Robert Greene’s newest film “Bisbee ’17”. In 1917 2,000 armed townspeople escorted over 1,000 striking minors out of state at gunpoint. They were left in the desert, some by their own family. In 2017 the town of Bisbee will recreate the deportation on its 100th anniversary. Some are descendants and others are hippies from another era. All will have to go through this odd experience of re-making a town’s shame. Though some don’t feel it’s shameful at all. “In Theaters Now” episodes are more emotional and raw. Bob and Eldridge bring it to you straight up. Step into this rail car and Keep on Doccin’®

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