The throes of CREEPTOBER start to ramp up as Bob and Angela tell a very modern true crime story involving a weird internet meme turned twisted folklore. We watched the 2016 HBO original documentary “Beware the Slenderman” by Irene Taylor Brodsky. Two young girls make an odd plan to stab their friend as a sacrifice to Slenderman so they can go live with him in his mansion in the center of a national park that’s hundreds of miles away. Maybe you’ve heard of Slenderman. Tall. Skinny. Faceless. Formal Goth Dress. Sometimes has tentacles. Likes kids. Not real. Needless to say there’s some mental health issues involved. Angela and Bob size it up and also introduce the show’s VERY FIRST AD! We have a revolutionary advertising strategy that you have to hear to believe and a MAJOR company is involved. Then you’ll probably rip it off, because it’s just that brilliant. We’re brilliant because we came up with it. I can’t wait to soak in all that money. Face first into dollars like Scrooge McDuck. Getting coins in our crevices. Enjoy this episode about children stabbing. Keep on Doccin’®.

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