SURPRISE! We’re really getting into these “In Theaters Now” episodes. We like to surprise you with these. Not unlike waking up to find your house toilet-papered. We basically toilet-papered your phone, or computer, or zune or whatever you listen to us on. A classic prank that fits right into CREEPTOBER, because we got a movie with plenty of FEAR in it. We got extra Akil this week because we went to a very empty theater recently to watch Michael Moore’s new documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9”. By past Michael Moore standards (Fahrenheit 9/11 is the highest grossing doc of all time) it’s considered a flop, but he’s had floppier. Regardless, Akil and Bob get political in what might be one of the rawest Documenteers episodes yet. Will Michael Moore’s new film get people motivated, or will it bounce against the walls of an echo chamber? It’s definitely doing the latter, but this film might reveal the motivations coming from somewhere else. We were surprised at certain approaches in the film, and we certainly vented our own frustrations in this episode. So join us down this rabbit hole as we re-live those wonderful times in late 2016 and discuss how it’s been going since. Maybe you haven’t noticed. We also fart in it. Keep on Doccin’®

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