It’s a bittersweet episode 42 as Bob Sham and Jonni close out Herzog month with a Werner Herzog classic that he shot for German television and can be found on YouTube. We discuss Werner’s 1981 film “God’s Angry Man” (the direct translation from German is “Faith and Currency”)and it’s about the prolific and notorious west coast televangelist Pastor Gene Scott. Pastor Scott is often pissed the hell off at the FCC, dog kickers (I get it.), and mostly pissed off at people who won’t pledge money to his ministry. They obviously don’t know how expensive basic limo maintenance can get. Is Scott a charlatan or a legitimate shepherd of men? Werner lets the scene unfold so we can make our own decision on the matter. It’s often strange and surreal and leads to stunning revelations of our snarky hosts. “What is this but a festival of faith? What is faith but a testament to the impossible?” That’s a quote from the movie. Enjoy it. Keep on Doccin’®

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