Beep. Boop. Borp. Thank you for listening to episode 41 of the Documenteers! September is Herzog month on the podcast and for our third week Bob Sham and Stuart Von discuss Werner Herzog’s relatively dense 2016 doc on technology, “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World”. The film is streamable now on Netflix. We break this film down and there’s a lot to unpack. If you have a robot fetish, then this movie is straight up pornographic. Robot 8 will steal your heart and get you horny. That’s just one thing. We get into the birth of the internet, an eccentric weirdo on a houseboat, solar flares, Man to bot love, tech sickness, morbid trolling, ho-downs, Hacking, Fortnite, the tech apocalypse, robot dreams, Gaming addiction, screen-savers, Emo Elon Musk, Mars, Monks tweeting, Herzog-isms, and tech-telepathy just to name a few. Bob and Stuart handle it like they always do, with plenty of nonsensical jokes that ultimately deflect our fear of an ever changing technological environment that we understand less and less everyday. Don’t kill us, robots. Love us. Love us and Keep on Doccin’®.

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