HERZOG MONTH CONTINUES! For episode 38, Bob and Ginger learn a little bit about themselves after watching lots of footage of flowing lava in Werner Herzog’s 2016 geological/anthropological documentary “Into the Inferno”. Volcanoes. They are the magma filled teats of the world. Fascinating in their own right, and the societies that form around them even more so. We travel the world in this one to attempt to understand civilization’s boner for these impressive, but deadly, geological structures. We go to Indonesia, Iceland, Ethiopia, even friggin’ North Korea! In our journey we encounter the odd world of chicken buildings, God sex-holes, rigid totalitarianism, and Bob’s new religion…John Frum. The cargo ships will cum. A beautiful film that you gotta see. At least for all those hypnotic lava shots. Then boot-scoot here with us as we break it all down. Available on Netflix streaming right now. Keep on Doccin’®

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