Our 32nd episode starts our three part saga on one of the most iconic and listener-requested documentary series ever. This week Bob Sham and Ginger discuss none other than the Penelope Spheeris 1981 classic LA punk doc “The Decline of Western Civilization”. The Germs! X! Fear! Black Flag! Fist fights! Anarchy! Pat Smear’s thoughts on women! The cuddly racist Eugene who is now apparently embarrassed by everything he said in this film! Dead painters and the women who hate them! All play a role in this chaotic Los Angeles scene that crashed, burned, and still holds potent influence to this day! Also, Bob makes more references to NU-Metal! Yay! This underground classic is relatively easy to find. I’m sure Penelope would appreciate your rental. There is a handsome box-set out there with all the Decline films plus some illuminating behind the scenes info. You know it. You love it. Get into pogo position. Try not to hurt anybody. Or y’know…fuck it. Maybe hurt somebody. Above all else…Keep on Doccin®!!!!!

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