Heya, kid. (lights cigar) I see ya like podcasts. (blows smoke in your face) Good. I got a Documenteers episode for you. (wipes meat grease onto cheap white blazer) It’s one a those ESPN 30 for 30 movies that Bob Sham does with Drew and it’s about the very handsome, and very intelligent gambler/sportscaster Jimmy Snyder. (farts. drools.) We’re talkin’ about the Fritz Mitchell film “The Legend of Jimmy the Greek” and it’s full of dripping narration, degenerate gambling, idiotic race lecturing, horse drooling, Football, bad fathering, and irrational acts fitting to a person who is often described by other degenerates as “A Legend”. (puts cigar out on tongue) Dive into this den of filth. The sweat smells good down here.
We’re gonna make some docu-dollars tonight. Docu-dollars coming soon to the crypto-currency landscape. Take care of your kids and Keep on Doccin®

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