In this our 19th episode, we look back on the life of the most vicious alligator in the swamp and how what happened in the election year of 2016 really wasn’t that much of a shock in the whole scheme of things. Stuart and Bob watched the Netflix original documentary “Get Me Roger Stone” by Dylan Bank, Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme. You may think you’re tired of all the Trump era rigamarole, but this doc, for all it’s snideness and sneering, is rather enlightening. A film that could be an historical account of the slow burn into everyone being completely fucked over. It wasn’t overnight. It took years. This film features interviews of people who are being indicted and making the news as we speak. WAKE UP SHEEPLE (LOL). Turns out the “Anti-Elitists” are the biggest elitists of all!

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