We’ve made it to a dozen free-range episodes and it’s time to go full nerd. We watch a few hopeful nerds, with different troubled backgrounds, go out into the woods so a circle of other nerds can determine if they will be Jedi Knights. We watched 2017’s “American Jedi” by Bronies director Laurent Malaquais. Pop culture blurs with spirituality as Bob Sham and Jonni take a critical eye (and a critical thigh) to what may or may not just be LARPing. Will these cloak-hooded enthusiasts convince Jonni to set his Star Trek bias aside and allow him to accept Jediism as the one true religion? How many golf shirts does your neighborhood Sith-Lord own? Is Bob just one of those jerky “Han Solo” guys? Listen on, young padawan. May the force be up in you.

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