Episode 122: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

Feel the power! The Black Power! Who can we get to help us out with this? How about the blackest country in Europe….SWEDEN! This week Eldridge and Bob dive into the history of Black Identity and the Black Panthers and all things great and sad beyond that all told through the eyes of the Swedish mews media during the time. We’re talking about the documentary “The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975” by Göran Olsson and it’s quite the flick. Best/Worst of all? Everything feels as relevant today as it did then. Rent this flick and then maybe join us. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

Angela Davis 1972.

Stokely Carmichael 1966.

Oh wow.

Shorties 53: Black Sheep

Week two of February shorties and Eldridge and Bob thought maybe it’s time to get really really fucking sad. Unfortunately, Chris Farley is nowhere to be found in this one. A 10 year old Nigerian boy is stabbed in London and a scared Nigerian family move to Essex to escape the hub-bub of big city drama. Of course we’re talking England outside of London so what is this Nigerian teenager seeing? Whiteys. Whiteys and their janky faces. Cornelius can only take two much of the racism until he decides to join up with those who hate him for the color of his skin. Eldridge and Bob discuss the Ed Perkins documentary short he made for the Guardian called “Black Sheep”. (Hence the Chris Farley reference.) Layers and layers of sad. Even the Pillsbury Dough Boy is crying. Cry laughing actually. That thing is fucking scary now that I think about it. But not scarier than racism.

The short.

What started this.

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Episode 121: Strong Island

Long Island or the Deep South? They might have more in common than you think. Angela picks up the true crime baton to join Bob on a sad tale where the attempt at justice barely exists. Yance Ford refuses to led the narrative of his late sibling, William Ford, be controlled by anybody else. When William was shot, unarmed, in a Long Island garage it seemed very clear very quickly that the shooter in this scenario was gonna get slapped on the wrist with a pillow. Long Island courts paint a narrative of William that Yance refuses to accept. A new look at a decades old tragedy. Sad as fuck. We maybe cried in this one. Our mascara really ran. You can find this on Netflix if you want to be sad with us. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

Yance Ford interview.

This douchebag.

Shorties 52: Period. End of Sentence

Just what the world needs. Two dudes discussing periods. Punctuation and Menstruation. We’re not sure where the usual women co-hosts are. My guess, as a man, is that they’re on their period? (Waits for laughter. Receives none.) Eldridge and Bob unite like a lame Voltron to discuss all Shorties for the month of February and to start us off we go to a small village in India where mentioning of that time of the month results in giggling and pretending you’re talking about something else other than girly bodily fluids. We tackle the Netflix short documentary “Period. End of Sentence” by Rayka Zehtabchi. You can’t just walk into small-town shops in India and find pads and tampon, so who do you call? The Pad Patrol and their Uncles think they’re making diapers or something. Men…they say the darnedest things. Ruby and Jackie be trippin’

A trailer for a short doc (find it on Netflix).

Never knew.

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Episode 120: 30 for 30: One Night in Vegas

Get raged up and check your….beef? It’s 30 for 30 time so Bob and Drew reexamine another crossroads between sports and music. Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson were fast friends with a lot in common and in Reggie Rock Bythewood’s 30 for 30 film “One Night in Vegas” their bond is posited as parallel lives leading to the death of Tupac on the same night Mike Tyson regained the WBC Heavyweight title. Also, the surprise reveal that Drew is something of a 2Pac connoisseur, whereas Bob was more concentrated on Notorious B.I.G. growing up, means they are forced to fight to the death using only the freestyles that come out of their heart and mind and also a fork. Podcast is mostly an audio medium therefore you can’t see the copious amounts of blood and sperm. What the fuck is going on with these episode descriptions?

The trailer (I think).


Remember this tense shit??

Probably the worst song on a very bad album.

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Shorties 51: The Anti-Mascot

Drew and Bob lay their vaguely sports themed shorties to rest for January and we end it all on nothing less than the mascot world’s very own version of Jesus Christ. The 1984 San Francisco Giants were in the toilet for the season. A silly television commercial starring a touristy San Fran mascot reject became an on-field sponge for fan hate. A mime named Wayne + A hand full of batteries ÷ director Colin Hanks and you have a short documentary appropriately titled “The Anti-Mascot”. Grab your water balloon full of fun and prepare for the most hated crab in Giantsland. It got body slammed by the San Diego Padres for our sins.

The full short.

The original commercial.

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Song of the Episode (sorry).

Episode 119: The Biggest Little Farm

Gather round the whole family for a kid-friendly (and scatalogical) good time because Lexi (Bob’s 7 year old little cousin) has returned to follow up their legendary “March of the Penguins” episode from last year to discuss another critically acclaimed documentary featuring animals. How you gonna keep em down on the farm? How about making it completely biodiverse and self sustaining without utilizing toxic chemicals or factory farming methods. Will this married couple, and their dog, pull this off in John Chester’s documentary “The Biggest Little Farm” which you can currently find on Hulu? This episode is a bit of a runaway train, but overall a rather inspiring film about farming the right way that is, quite frankly, well beyond the affordability of the average person. Some really nice shots in this flick, though. Also, poop. Discussions of it. Shots of it. Songs about it. Cycles of life, baby. It’s all about the kids. Keep on Doccin’

The trailer.

You can tour the farm!


Shorties 50: Spyball

Time to go undercover. We’re going to infiltrate and MURDER other podcasts! No no no. We’re not gonna murder anybody. But you’re innocent when you dream they say. There are many big names in the annals of baseball history, but one player in particular was very unique. Mo Berg was a solid baseball catcher and had a knack for just about anything. Then the government came calling. Drew and Bob put on trench coats and walk the streets of Zurich to acquire sensitive information regarding the short documentary “Spyball” by Christina Burchard and Daniel Newman. It tells like a big time pulp spy buster, except it’s real! Right? Also how does an hardened, yet aristocratic, baseball player/spy finally meet their end? Probably untreated syphilis, but I don’t think that goes down here. Some secrets Mo Berg took to his grave.

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Episode 118: Jawline

Teenage dreams have long left the sock hops and drag strips and now all the cruising is done on smartphone apps. Turns out that live streaming yourself saying the most basic motivational advice (and natural good looks) can lead to a lucrative career….in theory. Akil and Bob, two dudes circling the drain of 40, sit down to discuss an aspect of youth culture and social technology that they could not be more mentally removed from. A modern teenage dream of a boy from East Tennessee and the vapid world surrounding it in Liza Mandelup’s Hulu original documentary “Jawline”. One might expect a hate train on our part, but this documentary actually lent itself to some real social analysis. We do tease a little bit. Swinging up on people with tens of thousands of more social media presence than this show has. Bob can’t help it. Hashtagging everyday makes him want to throw himself off the Woodland Street Bridge (Nashville reference for you Nash-heads out there). Teenagers. God bless em, but they always suck. Even the good ones still suck. Every generation of teenager inherently sucks. Ourselves as teenagers especially sucked. Congrats to any teenager who survive those years of shallow emotional turmoil. Believe in your dreams or whatever and Keep on Doccin’.

The Trailer.

Liza Madelup Vox Interview.

Michael Weist’s new, Nashville based, teen boy influencer company as discussed in the show.

Who needs college? Just read this.</p

Shorties 49: Holy Grail – The T206 Honus Wagner

Drew and Bob’s vaguely sports themed Shorties continue on with something that barely compensates for people’s failed professional sports dreams…collecting baseball cards. Back in the day they stuck those things inside of packs of cigarettes. Back in the day they would sell cigarettes to a fetus. One of these over 100 years old cards was discontinued at the request of the player which resulted in the T206 Honus Wagner card becoming the rarest of the rare. This one going around is looking pristine, but it might be too good to be true. Wayne Gretzky co-owns it. Drew and Bob discuss “”Holy Grail – The T206 Honus Wagner” by the Barnicle Brothers. You read that right…”The Barnicle Brothers”. Keith Olberman is in this thing so much that I assume one of these directors has got to be his coke dealer. Learn about the story of a card worth way more than your house.

The full short.

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